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Outsourced SEO Services

Outsourcing SEO services to India has come of age. Increasingly, small businesses in India and around the world are realizing the advantages of outsourcing their SEO requirements to specialized SEO agencies. Praver Digital was established in 2007, to provide outsourced SEO services to small and growing businesses around the world. Over the past few years, Praver Digital has emerged as one of India's premiere SEO outsourcing companies focussing on the needs of small businesses. With operations in India and USA, we offer outsourced SEO services to a range of clients in India, USA and UK. Our services have also expanded to include outsourced web design, content development and other related services.

As an SEO outsourcing company, Praver Digital was founded on the business principles of providing the highest quality services at a fraction of the cost charged by leading SEO agencies; hiring the best SEO talent available to us; practicing ethical and white-hat SEO; and always putting the business interests of our clients ahead of commercial gains. Our business values have helped us build strong relationships with both our team and our clients and are proud of the results we have achieved in just over three years of operations.

Why SEO?

If no one knows that your website exists, you cannot maximize the business potential from your website. SEO is a sustainable way of ensuring traffic to your website by making search engines promote your business to your target audience. Search engines contribute the most number of visitors to any website, so it becomes important to be featured high in the search engine results. Here are a few facts:

  • A search is done at some stage before most purchase decisions are taken
  • Less than 10% of search engine users ever go past the first page of results.
  • If your website isn't present on page 1 for a relevant search, you virtually do not exist.

Today, websites serve the purpose of reaching out to new markets and contributing to business growth. Although it is equally important for established companies, SEO becomes all the more essential to small businesses because ranking in search engine results is not a matter of chance.

Most search engines evaluate websites on over 200 parameters before deciding where to feature a site in the search results for a keyword. SEO comprises of well established and ethical methods which make a website search engine friendly. This in turn results in higher visibility through search engines and increased traffic to your website.

While there are other channels of promoting your website online, like email marketing, advertising on search engines and other websites, affiliate marketing, etc., SEO is the only channel that continues to give results even after you stop spending on marketing your website. Read More about our SEO services and SEO Packages.

Why outsource SEO to Praver Digital?

There are many reasons to outsource SEO. Skilled SEO professionals are few, and can be quite expensive. Your marketing focus should ideally be on your core business area instead of SEO. An SEO outsourcing company has the varied experience of working on a number of SEO projects and this knowledge and experience can only help your site's SEO. A quality SEO outsourcing agency has a number of SEO professionals constantly in touch with the industry, learning new developments and sharing them with others in the team. SEO includes technical, content and linking elements. To have high quality talent addressing each aspect of your website's SEO would mean you need more than just one in-house person. Outsourcing SEO to India can mean that you get a team for less than the cost of one dedicated SEO resource.

Outsourced SEO for small and growing businesses

Small and growing businesses that compete with larger, established players in their industry can leverage the power of the internet. However, quality SEO services from leading agencies can be extremely expensive. Hiring in-house SEO experts may not be the optimal deployment of scarce resources. Freelancers and extremely small SEO companies that are desperate for business sometimes offer extremely low rates and provide questionable services that can hurt your business. What option does that leave a small or growing business?

Outsourcing SEO need not be expensive. However, "cheap" SEO does not always mean quality. At Praver Digital, we understand that cost-effective SEO services should not be at a compromise of quality. Praver Digital is not cheap when compared to freelancers or small agencies. We offer high quality SEO service that is on par with the larger SEO agencies, at a fraction of their cost.

We work with small businesses in two ways: You can either avail our standard SEO packages or contract dedicated SEO resources to work on your website's SEO. In both models, you will get the focus and SEO expertise of a team for less than the cost of hiring an in-house expert.

Outsource SEO to Praver Digital

In a competitive market space and a tough economy, offering cost-effective services is the only way to sustain clients over a long period of time. High quality SEO talent on the other hand is both scarce and expensive making it extremely difficult to offer effective SEO services at affordable prices. Whether you are a search marketing agency, web design firm or an advertising agency, we can work with you to reduce costs without compromising the quality of services offered to your clients.

You can outsource specific SEO tasks, entire SEO projects or contract us for dedicated SEO resources who work according to your SEO strategy, offering white label SEO service. Our India operations and unique business model allows us to minimize overheads and offer high quality SEO services at a fraction of the cost it would require for you to hire an in-house SEO professional.

Talk to us about our white label SEO services. Offer your clients the cost advantage or maximize your profits by outsourcing SEO to Praver Digital.

Making SEO Affordable to Small and Growing Businesses

With a growing demand for quality SEO and a relative shorter supply of high quality SEO services, most large SEO agencies charge exorbitantly for their SEO services. On the other hand, fly-by-night operators and freelancers provide freebies and cheap services using questionable SEO practices without a deep understanding of SEO.

As a result, most small and growing businesses either fall prey to the cheap SEO service providers or cannot avail SEO services because of the fee structure of large SEO agencies. Praver Digital strives to bridge this divide by providing SEO services on par with the best in the world, at a fraction of the cost. We are not 'cheap', and we pay the best market rate to the SEO talent in our team. Read more about SEO for small businesses or check out our small business SEO packages.

Ethical SEO services…

Praver Digital does not practice any black-hat SEO. We believe in ethical and sustainable SEO and will not compromise on our SEO ethics in the interest of quick results. Staying in touch with the latest trends in this rapidly changing industry, we provide the best ethical SEO services to our clients. More about our SEO services

On par with the best…

By employing the best SEO talent in the industry and through constantly refining our SEO process, we are able to provide SEO services that are on par with the best in the industry. Our business vision is to be among the best providers of SEO services in the world. More about our SEO process

…at a fraction of the cost

Cost of high quality human talent is a major component of our fee and we believe in paying for the best talent available to us. However, through low overheads and with our India operations, we are able to provide high quality services at a fraction of the fee charged by large agencies. More on our Pricing Model

A tested SEO process

The Praver Digital team comprises SEO professionals with experience working on complex projects for leading SEO companies around the world. Our SEO process has evolved out of this collective knowledge and has demonstrated success for all our clients. More about our SEO Process

Flexible service offerings

Unlike most SEO service providers, we understand that each business has its unique needs. We provide flexible SEO service offerings and are open to work with our clients in arriving at the best SEO mix to suit their needs and budgets. More about our SEO Packages

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