SEO Analysis of your site

Site SEO Analysis

Do you know how your website performs on various SEO metrics? Are you aware of the gaps in your site's SEO as compared to your competitors? Do you know the potential traffic your website can generate through sustained SEO?

Before planning the strategy for your website's SEO, the first step would be to assess the SEO needs of your website. The very first step in our SEO process is a detailed SEO analysis of a client's website. You can request this analysis of your website and get it for free when you contract your SEO efforts to Praver Digital.

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Praver Digital offers growing businesses around the world a full suite of SEO services that include standard SEO packages covering on-site and off-site SEO, SEO consulting services, content development services, web design and SEO implementation services.

Each of the services offered by Praver Digital is strictly white hat and designed to maximize the performance of your website in organic search engine results.

We prefer to be involved in with our clients' websites from concept stage. If you already have a website, our SEO services start with a one-time audit of your site and a study of your competitors' SEO. This is followed by monthly on-site and off-site SEO performance maximization of your website.

While standard SEO packages may be suitable for some businesses, we also understand that SEO is not an easily "packaged" service. Each website has its own needs, and each market has its own dynamics. We also offer customized SEO services to suit your business needs.

Site SEO Analysis - Brigade Group
Praver Digital was retained for the on-site SEO of Brigade Group's website. Within a month of SEO implementation the site regitered over 20% increase in organic search traffic.
  Site SEO Analysis -
Praver Digital has done on-page optimization of content, link development, article syndication and SEO reporting for, a leading provider of bathroom products in UK.
  Site SEO Analysis - Summit Web Ventures
Summit Web Ventures is one of Praver Digital's outsourcing clients. We are currently optimizing three US-based websites belong to clients of Summit Web Ventures.
Site SEO Analysis - Resource
Resource is one of Bangalore's premiere design and communication studios. They are one of Praver Digital's SEO outsourcing and consulting partners.
  Site SEO Analysis - Verdia Technologies
Verdia Technologies a pionnering company in providing solar energy in India and our clients for on-site content optimization and creative services.
  Site SEO Analysis - Zansam
Zansam, a music group is our client for all creative services and SEO. We provide SEO services to Zansam as our contribution to charitable causes.
Site SEO Analysis - Position2
Position2 is an outsourcing client of Praver Digital for whom we have worked on a number of SEO tasks including content optimization, link correction, writing, etc.
  Site SEO Analysis - Indus Info Com
Indus Infocom was one of Praver Digital's first clients. We have done the on-page content optimization and limited link building for the site around local keywords.

Our SEO process has been designed with the following guidelines:

  • It is flexible enough to adapt to the diverse needs of client projects
  • It is scalable and capable of handling a large volume of projects
  • It is designed to maximize the SEO impact for small and large websites alike
  • It lends itself to quick training of new SEO team members
  • It is modular, and facilitates task-based SEO projects
Site SEO Analysis Process

The above image gives a broad overview of our SEO process. Each step in the process is further broken down into detailed tasks that address different SEO aspects. While the detailed process breakdown and work-flow are confidential, we are only too happy to provide our clients a walk through the process on a conference call.

SEO services outsourcing has come of age. Established in 2007 to provide outsourced SEO services to growing businesses around the world, Praver Digital has emerged as a premiere SEO outsourcing firm.

With a growing demand for quality SEO services, the fees charged by large SEO agencies often make quality SEO inaccessible to small and growing businesses. On the other hand, fly-by-night operators and freelancers provide freebies and cheap services using questionable SEO practices without a deep understanding of SEO.

Most small and growing business either fall prey to the cheap SEO service providers or cannot avail SEO services because of the fee structure of large SEO agencies.

Praver Digital has been founded on the business principles of providing the highest quality services at a fraction of the cost charged by the leading SEO agencies; hiring the best SEO talent available to us; practicing ethical and white-hat SEO; and always putting the business interests of our clients ahead of commercial gains. Our business values have helped us build strong relationships with both our team and our clients and are proud of the results we have achieved in just over three years of operations.

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  • Praver Digital Client - Brigade Group
  • Praver Digital Client - Chedderz
  • Praver Digital Client - Eminent Informatics
  • Praver Digital Client - Mmerauf
  • Praver Digital Client - Indus
  • Praver Digital Client - Nitya
  • Praver Digital Client - Resource
  • Praver Digital Client - Rotary
  • Praver Digital Client - Rujuta Prabhu
  • Praver Digital Client - Verdia Technologies
  • Praver Digital Client - Zansam
  • Praver Digital Client - Summit Web Ventures
  • Praver Digital Client - Dealite
  • Praver Digital Client - Kool Skool
  • Praver Digital Client - Prahlad Prasad Composer Singer
  • Praver Digital Client - Just Answer
  • Praver Digital Client - Customized Write


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