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The internet has transformed not just how we source information, communicate and transact business, but virtually every aspect of our lives. It is no longer optional for a business organization to have a website. Search constitutes the second most performed function on the internet after email. The internet is also constantly changing as technologies on the web continue to evolve. In such an environment, harnessing the power of search becomes increasingly essential for marketers. It has become necessary to have a presence in search results. If your target audience does not find you when they search, you just do not exist.

An ethical SEO company

Praver Digital, a professional SEO company

The promoters of Praver Digital are professionals with varied experience and expertise ranging from technology and hardware to advertising, search marketing, writing and graphic design. As industry professionals, we often felt that it was just theory that the internet was a level playing field where mom-and-pop stores could compete with large corporations. The cost of setting up a website, marketing it effectively and competing against larger brands is in reality quite a costly proposition.

With an ever increasing clutter of websites to fight for presence and visibility, the internet was rapidly becoming the domain of corporations with the muscle to spend lavishly on search marketing. Getting professional SEO from established search marketing agencies is more often than not well beyond the reach of most growing businesses.

As a result, these businesses either just cannot compete with the larger brands with deeper pockets, or are forced to seek the help of freelancers or "cheap" SEO companies. Some of these companies offer throw-away prices out of desperation for new business and resort to black-hat or tool-based SEO to make the economics work. This can result in serious long term damage and/or no real gain in SEO. Freelancers are often limited in knowledge and skill and cannot bring the broader knowledge base of an agency to serve the needs of growing clients.

The cost of cheap or affordable SEO sometimes is extremely expensive for the companies trying to compete in organic search against the bigger brands.

At Praver Digital, we aspire to take professional SEO services within the reach of small and growing businesses around the world, with a focus on high quality and not just on low cost. We set up a unique business model that has reduced our overhead costs significantly. A largely India-based workforce gave us an added edge in terms of cost and we extended these benefits to our small business clients. The end result is that our clients get professional SEO services and quality that is on par with the large and established SEO companies, at a fraction of the cost.

Making SEO affordable not cheap

At Praver Digital, we see a clear distinction between services that are value for money and cheap. While there are many agencies and freelancers offering cheap services, their domain expertise, SEO practices and quality are oftentimes questionable.

While the fee charged by Praver Digital is significantly more than that charged by freelancers and the small agencies, we believe that a low cost service that is not backed by the best in quality is not in the long term interest of our clients.

Our team is the backbone of our business

Human talent is the cornerstone of quality SEO service. While there are a number of tools available for data mining and analysis, the human skill of decision-making, messaging and balancing good marketing messages with search friendly content is critical to the success of any SEO campaign.

At Praver Digital, we value our team as much as any of our clients. We believe human resources are our raw material and are willing to pay the best remuneration in the industry to attract and retain the best talents available to us. Our team is among the best paid in the industry, among the most skilled and arguably the most motivated. This results in high quality work that translates into an improved bottom line for our clients.

Praver Digital since inception

Praver Digital was formed in early 2007, with professional SEO, writing, graphic design and web design as core offerings. Over the years, we have grown to offer outsourced SEO and other services to a number of larger agencies, both within India and around the world. While our portfolio of clients and service offerings has grown, our focus continues to remain on offering high quality and cost-effective services to our agency partners and growing businesses from around the world.

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