Outsourcing to Praver Digital, India

The inherent advantages of outsourcing to India has resulted in a sharp growth in the Indian outsourcing industry over the years — and the growth trend continues. The most commonly outsourced services include:

Advantages of outsourcing to India

While outsourcing of marketing services does not feature high in the above list, there has been a steady increase in the growth of outsourcing marketing services to India — especially the outsourcing of online marketing requirements. At the forefront of this has been SEO outsourcing.

Advantages of outsourcing to India

There are many advantages of outsourcing to India. These include:

Outsourced Services with a Vision

While there are many commercial advantages of outsourcing to India, Praver Digital was set up with a moral and philosophical objective. We have seen that quality services in just about every industry are prohibitively expensive. This means that most small and growing businesses have to settle for lower quality "cheap" services.

The growth of the online medium can potentially make the Internet a level playing field where small and growing businesses can compete with the larger and established organizations. While this is true in theory, a quality online presence is far from inexpensive. Developing a good website, high quality content and online marketing are premium services for which established agencies charge thousands of dollars per month – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

At Praver Digital, our vision has been to make high quality service that is provided by the larger agencies accessible to small and growing businesses at a fraction of the cost. We are able to achieve this because of:

Outsourcing to Praver Digital is not cheap

While the above gives us a distinct price advantage, our fees are not comparable with freelancers or the low quality "cheap" service providers. We hire the best talent available to us, and pay them the best remuneration in the industry. This makes us more expensive than the small India-based agencies. However, our investment in a quality team ensures that the quality of service from Praver Digital is far superior to any freelancer or small agency and is comparable to the best in the world – at a fraction of the cost. Effectively, we offer value for money to those seeking high quality SEO service but cannot afford the fees of the larger agencies.

Outsourced Services from Praver Digital India

With over two decades' experience and expertise spanning marketing, communications, website design and online marketing, Praver Digital offers the following services to our clients:

Website Design

Need a website but do not have the budgets to hire a top web design firm? Our website design outsourcing services include:
Template-based web design
Custom website design
HTML outsourcing
Website maintenance
Domains and hosting

Outsourced SEO

A website needs SEO to feature high in search results. Our outsourced SEO services include:
Standard SEO Packages
Dedicated SEO Resources
Outsourced SEO Tasks
SEO Consulting
SEO Reporting
White label SEO services

Content Outsourcing

Quality writing skills are expensive. Premium service providers aren't always affordable for small businesses. Our content services include:
Web Content Writing
Copy Editing Services
Articles for SEO
Blog Writing Services
Custom Writing Services

Why Praver Digital?

It is not just about cost saving. We are not "cheap". We offer cost-effective services to clients who value quality services. For growing businesses, our price advantage just makes us a preferred service provider as compared to other established agencies. Read more about Praver Digital.


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