Outsourcing SEO to India

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing SEO to India

Why Outsource SEO to India?

To outsource SEO or to not outsource SEO, that my dear Watson is the question.

Everyone knows that any success of an online business website depends on its marketing campaign success. The problem is getting your site recognized on the web; this task can be quite troublesome if you do not understand how important SEO is. Keeping your website on the top end of the game is not only cumbersome, but it at times can be quite expensive. Outsourcing SEO can be an answer to all your questions and fears.

SEO firms are popping up all over the world. The problem is that the fee they charge is not always within a small and growing company's budget. Even though you know you need a SEO firm, narrowing down the perfect company is not only mind-boggling, but before long, you just may throw the whole idea out the window due to the overwhelming budgeting costs. Outsourcing SEO to India may just be the answer you are looking for.

Before you banish the whole idea of outsourcing SEO, read on to learn the pros and cons of outsourcing SEO to India firms.

The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing SEO

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind any time you outsource SEO. Outsourcing SEO has its pros and cons regardless of whom you use or where the SEO company is from geographically.

Cost: One of the main reasons to outsource SEO would be to take advantage of the savings opposed to what it could cost you to hire an in-house SEO expert. Along those lines, keep in mind, that outsourcing SEO reduces cost not only with infrastructure but with also training time as well, not to mention the overhead costs of recruitment, management, staff turnover, etc. We all know time is money!

Global Standards: Globalized standards of living differ from location to location. Many SEO firms adopt and adapt to each location so that they may keep up with the vast differences.

Delivery Time and Work Ethic: With the right documentation and effective communication, an SEO firm can efficiently reduce delivery time. This is because most established SEO firms have an evolved and diligent work ethic. They also have SEO as their primary focus and have developed processes and best practices that you can benefit from. Many times the holidays that your in-house SEO team would require, your outsourced SEO partner would work straight through.

Knowledge Gaps: Outsourced SEO often times means that the company handling your SEO projects is not in the same location as your company. This could potentially be a problem if you are not positive that the SEO knowledge of the firm you hire is up with the ever-changing technology and times. You want to make sure that the SEO firm you choose is not employing older techniques and practices.

Time Zone Issues: Due to the difference in location, provisions must be made by both parties - the SEO company as well as the client - to keep up to date. Time difference could be a problem during holidays or weekends when the time zone is not the same. This is both a pro and a con in its self. Clear and consistent communication is the key to bridging these gaps.

Ethical Business: When outsourcing SEO or any other service, you need to make sure that you have done your homework to qualify that the company is right for you. Many times, it is hard to know how long a company has been in business, are they on the verge of closing shop; do they have a proven record of accomplishment? Ethical business practices are necessary, and with outsourced projects, it is often hard to make sure everything that is being done is ethical.

Why Outsource SEO to India?

You may be asking yourself about right now, why should I outsource SEO to India when I can get the same results in my own location? There are many reasons why you should outsource SEO to India. Let us look at a few statistical numbers regarding outsourced SEO to India.

According to Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, if you were to hire a US or Canada SEO in-house professional with at least 5 years experience, you better be ready to spend on the low side of $100,000 per year. Now remember, these figures do not take into account what it would cost to recruit, train, provide benefits, and infrastructure costs.

Keeping these numbers in mind, if you were to hire a SEO company - not just an employee but a company - you could be spending close to 50k a year! If you were to pick from the two of these options not based solely on costs, the latter would be the best choice. The simple reason for this would be, an SEO company has more resources and broader range of expertise than someone hired in-house might have access to. It is just good practical business sense to hire a SEO company, but its even better business sense to outsource SEO to India since it is proven you can save as much as 60 to 80% by outsourcing your SEO projects to India.

Outsourcing SEO to India has great advantages over outsourcing to other countries. Since India is one of the biggest markets of the outsourced SEO services it is safe to say that there is the requisite knowledge base in the country. An outsourced SEO service in India is known for its good quality services for both on-page and off-page optimization, as well as for other online marketing activities. SEO services in India are affordable for most any size of international offshore companies.

Outsourcing SEO to India will give you all of these great benefits plus more:

It is showing to be true that offshore outsourcing companies from various parts of the world especially USA, Australia, Canada, and UK are relying on India for the overseas development solutions. As a result, India has fast become one of the world's favorite outsourcing destinations for SEO as well.

Rapid growth in SEO industry in India has ensured that there are enough companies capable of executing projects of any size.

Outsourced SEO to Praver Digital India

Outsourcing SEO to Praver Digital in India can get you much more than just outsourced SEO. Praver Digital can help you by providing web site designing and development services, content development services and more. When outsourcing SEO projects to Praver Digital, you will find we have earned the reputation of satisfying our clients' needs and demands with immense ease, and at rates that are a fraction of what it would cost you to add comparable SEO talent in-house.

Remember, you must take the time and effort to carefully select the SEO company you choose to outsource to, no matter where that company is located. A little bit of research and preparation can help you find a capable SEO company to suite both your budget and requirement.

Lakshmi is a member of the SEO team at Praver Digital and a writer. Praver Digital provides high quality outsourced SEO services, web design services and content services to growing businesses around the world. We also offer white label SEO services to web design firms, digital marketing firms and advertising agencies.

Praver Digital is among India's leading SEO firms for growing businesses from around the world. Praver Digital offers outsourced SEO services, HTML based web design services, content services, and other outsourced services from our offices in India and USA.



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