SEO for small business marketing

SEO for small business marketing

Advertising, even on the internet can be an expensive proposition for small businesses. Search Marketing firms can be expensive, and the bigger enterprises can muscle you out with money power. How does one battle a situation like this? Are there any effective and relatively affordable marketing options for small businesses? This article explores SEO as one possible route to take.

One of the major challenges in marketing your products or services is reaching your target customer at a time when he is in need for your products or services. Conventional advertising serves the purpose to an extent but there are limitations to it:

Challenges of advertising on the Internet:

All this is true. And for a small business that does not have fancy advertising budgets, it makes reaching the target customer all the more difficult. So how does one find a solution around the problem? Try and leverage the internet for generating marketing leads.

So what is the solution? How does one go about things? Is low-cost internet marketing a myth? Is there no way to get results without getting fleeced in the bargain? Before we answer all that, let's take a look at how markets and the internet have evolved. We all know about the great internet boom and bust. What most do not realize is the fact that internet a decade ago was not as evolved and mature a medium as it is today. The internet has both grown and matured today and over 60% of internet users use search engines before making decisions. And that is a staggering number.

Advantages of SEO for a business:

Besides the service provider, your business also has an impact on how much an SEO service provider will charge. This is because of a number of factors like:

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