Quality SEO Services

Quality SEO Services

SEO services range from the extremely expensive services provided by the large and established SEO companies to the extremely cheap services offered by the freelancers. While most established SEO service providers offer high quality SEO services, their pricing is beyond the reach of most small and growing businesses. On the other hand, many freelancers and small agencies offer "cheap" services, but the quality of SEO can be questionable. Some employ tool based SEO that seldom works, while others resort to black-hat and other questionable practices that can be dangerous for your business.

Praver Digital provides professional and high quality SEO services at a fee that is a fraction of what is charged by the larger agencies. We are able to offer cost-effective SEO services because of our unique business model and largely India-based service model.

Standard SEO Services

We prefer to be involved in and with our clients' websites from concept stage. However, if you already have a website, our SEO services start with a one-time audit of your site and a study of your competitors' SEO. Once that is done, our SEO services are broadly divided into two groups:

On Page SEO Services

On-page SEO involves making changes and refinements to your site's architecture, programming, design, content, presentation and structure. It includes fixing problems that could prevent search engines from properly accessing, indexing and ranking your site in search results. Depending on the content of a site (and its relevance), our on-site SEO services can also include adding unique and search engine friendly content to your site. As a professional SEO services company, Praver Digital is geared to offer end to end on-site SEO services to small and growing businesses worldwide. Know more about our SEO packages.

Off Page SEO Services

It is not enough to have a good design, architecture and content on your website. It is equally important to get links from other high quality sites. Our off-page SEO services ensure that your website's link development is focused and generates quality links from relevant and quality websites.

Our mix of off-page SEO or link building services include free and paid directory submissions, press release syndication, participation in relevant communities, syndication of articles and other digital media, social bookmarking and more. To know more about our SEO services, see our SEO packages.

Other SEO Services

While standard SEO packages may be suitable for some businesses, we also understand that SEO is not an easily "packaged" service. Each website can have its own needs, each market has its own dynamics, clients are geared differently and have unique requirements, and the level of competition in your domain may necessitate a deviation from standard SEO services. We are open to customizing our services to meet your business needs. Some of our most commonly provided SEO services include:

If you already have a team to execute SEO work and need strategic search engine optimization consulting, your contract with Praver Digital can be to provide only SEO consulting services. Our search engine optimization experts would work with your existing team and provide specific SEO inputs to help you with your online marketing. You only pay for the time spent by our SEO expert on your project, thereby maximizing the bandwidth within your existing team and saving on the cost of hiring a full time agency. Read more about our SEO consulting services.

Generating SEO reports can be time consuming. Precious time spent by your team in generating reports can be better utilized improving the SEO of your website. Most businesses fail to accurately assess the man-hour cost of generating these reports. In most cases, outsourcing the report generation can not only free up internal resources, but can also help you save on costs.

Praver Digital can generate SEO reports that include a month-on-month comparison of rankings across search engines for your keywords; changes in organic traffic to your website; changes in indexed pages, inbound links, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and more. We can either use our standard reporting formats or generate reports to your specifications. Read more about our SEO reporting services.

Looking for something else? Whether it is specific SEO tasks that you want to outsource, need SEO consultancy to guide your in-house team, or have some other specific requirement that you need help with, let us know what you need and we will be happy to help you with your specific SEO requirements.

SEO Services

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