Small Business SEO Packages

Small businesses need SEO as much as the established organizations, if not more. The ideal SEO mix for your website is best determined after an initial assessment of your website's SEO compliance, keyword research and a competitor SEO analysis. However, the small business SEO packages outlined below have been the most popular SEO packages offered by Praver Digital. Besides these SEO packages, Praver Digital also provides dedicated SEO resource based SEO services, SEO task based services, SEO consulting services and a range of other SEO packages tailored to suit your business needs and budgets. The packages listed below will provide you an indication of the likely mix of SEO effort that you can expect when you engage with us.

One-time SEO Set-up

All our SEO services start with a one time set-up that includes:

Small Business SEO Package starting from $200

Note: If you have already taken advantage of our SEO Analysis for your site, this fee is waived when you decide to sign up for our services.

Popular SEO Packages

Indicative services provided as part of our standard basic and dedicated SEO packages:

Basic Small Business SEO Package
Dedicated Small Business SEO Package

SEO Services Provided

Pages to be optimized per month including: 10 20
Pages optimized / enhanced per month
Generating and submitting XML sitemaps
Title, Description and Keyword Tags
Heading Tags (H1 to H6)
Image File Naming
ALT Attributes for Images
Editing of existing content
Anchor text and internal linking optimization
Search Friendly URL construct
Optimization of digital media on the site
Monthly compliance check
Themes and keywords for additional content 5 10
Off-Page Optimization Including:    
Directory submissions 50 100
Paid inclusions 10 25
Participation in Blogs and Forums 10 25
Syndication of free and paid press releases 2 2
Syndication of articles and videos 5 10
Submission to local search / classifieds 10 20
Social bookmarking 100 200
Contacting sites linking to competitors 15 30
Reporting, Support and Maintenance:    
Organic traffic report
Search engine ranking
Off-page optimization report
Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank,
Indexed Pages, In-bound Links
XML sitemap update and submission
Email support
Review meetings / Calls


Option of Dedicated SEO Resources

SEO packages at $1,500 for a dedicated SEO resource

Our standard service pricing is USD 2,000 for one dedicated resource working on the SEO of your website. That translates to about 140 hours of SEO effort that you can utilize either for specific tasks you need executed or for managing the end-to-end SEO of your website in a concerted manner. This is an alternative offering to our small business SEO packages. For Indian pricing, contact us. Read more about our dedicated SEO resource offering.

SEO Services

  • Praver Digital Client -
  • Praver Digital Client - Brigade Group
  • Praver Digital Client - Chedderz
  • Praver Digital Client - Eminent Informatics
  • Praver Digital Client - Mmerauf
  • Praver Digital Client - Indus
  • Praver Digital Client - Nitya
  • Praver Digital Client - Resource
  • Praver Digital Client - Rotary
  • Praver Digital Client - Rujuta Prabhu
  • Praver Digital Client - Verdia Technologies
  • Praver Digital Client - Zansam
  • Praver Digital Client - Summit Web Ventures
  • Praver Digital Client - Dealite
  • Praver Digital Client - Kool Skool
  • Praver Digital Client - Prahlad Prasad Composer Singer
  • Praver Digital Client - Just Answer
  • Praver Digital Client - Customized Write


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