SEO Reports

SEO reports are much more than just a documentation of where you rank in search results on a given day or tracking the organic traffic to your site. A meaningful SEO report is a powerful management information tool that provides:

SEO Reports

Tracking all of the above and presenting it in a presentable fashion to your management can be a time consuming exercise. However, SEO reports are too important to ignore and outsourcing your SEO reporting can be the answer to maximizing in-house productivity.

Outsource SEO Reporting

SEO reporting Service at $200 per report

Outsourcing SEO reports can save in-house man-hours for more strategic marketing activities. Our SEO reports can follow our standard reporting format as shown below, or we can customize the reports to align with your documentation standards and requirements. Thanks to our largely India-based SEO operations and unique SEO model, the cost of time spent on SEO reporting is significantly less expensive when the SEO reporting is outsourced to Praver Digital.

Small and growing businesses can track the performance of their website in search engines. Based on the analysis included in each report by Praver Digital experts, decisions can be taken about the SEO efforts, change in direction, course-corrections, making SEO enhancements and/or refocusing SEO efforts around certain keywords / certain activities. Our SEO reports will tell you:

  • Where you rank for each of your keywords as a comparison over previous months
  • Where you rank for each keyword as compared to your pre-identified competition
  • How much traffic your site generated from organic search results
  • Which were your top 100 organic keywords
  • What is the Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank of your site and how it has changed as compared to past months
  • A summary outlining observations based on which SEO related decisions can be taken

As an online marketing agency, advertising agency, web development company or a representative of a client's online marketing efforts, you will need to report to clients periodically about the SEO efforts and their impact on the site's organic performance. Unless you have an automated reporting interface that the client can access and retrieve SEO reports, the SEO reporting activity can be extremely time consuming. Deploying precious in-house SEO resources may not be the most profitable use of man-hours. Even hiring junior resources for generating reports can be quite expensive considering the cost of hiring, training, infrastructure and other associated costs of an in-house SEO team member.

Outsourcing SEO reports to Praver Digital can liberate your in-house SEO talent to perform more strategic SEO activities. We can generate SEO reports as per our standard reporting formats shown below, or as per your documentation standards. Save cost and man-hours by outsourcing SEO reports to Praver Digital.

SEO Reports from Praver Digital

Shown below are a few screens from our standard monthly SEO reports. These are indicative and we can walk you through our detailed reports on a conference call if necessary. These reports would give you a fair idea about our documentation standards and clarity of SEO reporting.

SEO Report Summary
Extract from a monthly report showing part of the summary.

SEO Report - month on month comparison of search engine ranks
Extract from a monthly SEO report showing the month-on-month comparison of keyword ranks.

SEO Report - progress of organic traffic and site statistics
Extract from a monthly SEO eport showing month-on-month change in organic traffic and site statistics.

SEO Report – Extract from the link building report
Extract from a monthly SEO report showing part of the link building activity done, with active links highlighted.

SEO Reporting Services from Praver Digital

Praver Digital offers outsourced SEO reporting services to growing companies that do not have skilled in-house SEO talent to generate and analyze SEO reports; and to agencies that need to outsource the generation of periodic SEO reports to save man-hours. We can work with you on creating your custom reporting formats, or use our own existing standard SEO reporting formats. To know more about our SEO reporting and other SEO services, write to us.

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