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We understand that in-house SEO talent is expensive and is best utilized in high-impact, strategic SEO. We also know that there are a number of SEO tasks that may need to be accomplished, but you may not want to deploy valuable in-house SEO resources in carrying out SEO tasks that are either time consuming or labor intensive. Outsourcing these SEO tasks to Praver Digital can be the solution to the problem. Here is how outsourced SEO tasks work:

For most of these SEO tasks, we can either follow your guidelines and documentation standards or use the documentation standards developed at Praver Digital. The most commonly outsourced SEO tasks include:

Competitor SEO Analysis

Whether you need a competitor SEO analysis or a pre-sales SEO analysis of a website for a pitch, you can outsource the SEO analysis and site auditing to Praver Digital and save on time and effort.

Read more about outsourcing the SEO analysis to Praver Digital.

Keyword Research

Whether you want to identify the top core keywords for your site, the entire universe of keywords including long tail terms that are relevant to your site, or keywords grouped by themes for content enhancement, Praver Digital can undertake the time consuming keyword research for you.

Meta Tag Optimization

Each page in your site should have unique Title and Meta Description tags. You can outsource the task of writing these Meta tags to Praver Digital. We can either write Meta tags around keywords provided by you, or find the most suitable keywords for a page. Read more about outsourcing Meta tag optimization.

Content Optimization

Keywords tell us what our target audience is searching for as well as their interests. Content optimization is about making sure the content on the site is relevant as well as effectively keyword rich so that it talks to the target audience in their language. Read more about outsourcing content optimization.

Link Building

Link building is an essential SEO activity that consumes man-hours. Researching relevant sites to get links from, contacting these sites, and tracking active links are all essential SEO tasks that can be easily outsourced. Outsourcing link building can save you a lot of time and money. Read more about outsourcing link building.

SEO Reporting

SEO reports tell you how your SEO campaign is performing. Instead of wasting valuable in-house resources on tedious SEO reports, outsource this SEO reporting. Not only will this save you valuable man hours, but will also alleviate the pressure of reporting. Read more about outsourcing SEO reporting.

Outsource Other SEO Activities

Listed above are the most common SEO tasks that can be easily outsourced to Praver Digital. If you have other specific SEO tasks that you want to outsource, write to us. We have a team of in-house SEO experts and SEO resources who can undertake most SEO projects at much lower costs than in-house SEO resources. You can also consider outsourcing SEO projects, contracting dedicated SEO resources for all your SEO activities or availing any of our standard SEO packages.

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