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SEO Web Design Services

As an outsourced SEO services firm, our clients frequently ask us to design or revamp their website. Our basic website design service leverages our rich experience in technology, advertising, writing, graphic design and SEO, in providing our simple website design services to our small business clients. At Praver Digital, we offer the basic HTML website design services, mainly because an HTML based website design continues to be the most search friendly. For many of our clients building their website, a cost-effective website is more important than a technologically advanced website. Our web design service addresses the need of the small business segment, making simple website design affordable, yet aesthetically appealing.

While we have a team of designers, writers, programmers and animators who can deliver anything ranging from a simple brochure-ware website of a few pages to complex internet technologies, our focus is on providing simple website design to small and growing businesses who cannot afford complex websites.

Small Business Web Design with SEO

For most small businesses, a website needs to establish the company's presence on the web. It needs to be visible when their target audience searches for the company's products and services and needs to communicate effectively to the audience. Sophisticated web technologies and functionality is not a primary focus for most of our web design clients. Our web design service is geared to meet the needs of small businesses seeking a simple, yet attractive website. All our websites are HTML based and we do not offer CMS based web design at present.

Template Based Website

If you want to save on design cost, you can opt for our template based website design service. In this option, we will present to you the various designs done for other clients. The design of your choice will be modified suitably and used for your website. Read more about our template based website design service.

Custom Web Design

If you would like a custom design to reflect your company's identity, you can opt for our custom design service. In this option, for a small design fee, our designers will create a new design for your website, to reflect your company's identity and style. Read more about our custom web design service.

Web Design Cost

Our web design service is priced according to the elements that go into its creation: Design and architecture, content, HTML coding. If you need to register a domain and hosting, we can also offer domain registration and hosting service from our partner websites. Read more about our web design costs.

Website + SEO

A website that does not rank in search engines virtually does not exist. To be visible in search results, it is highly recommended to avail our SEO services and make sure that your website ranks high in search results and generates visitors and business online. Read more about our SEO services.

Other Web Design Services

In addition to designing and producing websites for small businesses, we also offer the following related services:

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