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Custom Website Design Services from Praver Digital

A website is an extension of your business online. Your website design needs to reflect your organization, its personality and identity effectively. To make this happen, most companies require a custom website design and do not mind paying a little extra for a website design that best represents the company.

Praver Digital offers HTML-based custom website design services to small and growing companies around the world. Aesthetically appealing, yet search engine friendly, all our custom website designs are designed to perform well in search engines with sustained SEO efforts.

Our Custom Website Design service is flexible and you can select the components you need

Custom Website Architecture Design at $100

After we receive a brief and have a fair understanding of your requirements, we work with you in arriving at the site architecture, navigation hierarchy, linking structure, specific pages in the site and a summary of their content. This is the first step in designing a website that meets your online communication needs

Custom Website Design at $250

The next step in creating your custom-designed website is to arrive at its look and feel. We create design approaches and options that suit both the information architecture and your business personality. You can save this cost if you provide us with reference designs that you would like customized to suit your website needs. For this, please see our template based website design services. The cost includes two rounds of iterations and refinements to arrive at the master design. Each master design is then adapted for typical inner pages, form pages and other key pages in the site.

Creating custom content at $15 per page

While the master design development is in progress, work starts on creating the content for your website. This includes identification and selection of a few top keywords searched for by your target audience. The client provides the outline of what needs to be communicated on each page and our team of in-house content writers create the content for the site by combining the essential message with audience-centric keywords selected for the site. If you provide all the content for each of the pages in the site, this cost is not applicable.

HTML Coding at $15 per page

Once the master design is finalized, the production of the website begins. Final, signed-off content is added to the pages as and when it is finalized. The website is hosted on our staging server while it is being developed and you can review and refine the website messaging and content. After the entire website is produced, it is tested offline and online before it is taken live on your domain. If you already have the site design and content ready and need us mainly for executing the design in HTML, please refer to our HTML outsourcing service.

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Custom Website Design Services from Praver Digital