Blog Writing Tips

Blog Writing Tips

To make your blog successful, you need to take care of many aspects of marketing, optimization and making your blog accessible to your target readers. At the core of it all though, is the need to have winning content that will engage readers. So how do you go about writing successful blog posts? This article by Praver Digital explains some aspects of good blog writing.

Blog Writing Tip 1: Define your audience

Even before you start writing a blog post, it is important to keep in mind who is likely to be reading it. The closer you define the target audience of your blog post, the better is your chance of writing content that will be understood and appreciated by the readers.

Blog Writing Tip 2: Set the right tone

Having defined your target audience, you need to make sure that the tone and language of your blog post is suited to the intended audience. Using complex words and jargon in a blog post targeted at children is unlikely to succeed. Likewise, over-simplification may make the blog post seem simplistic to a technical audience.

Blog Writing Tip 3: Do your research

When you write on a subject, it is best to be well informed and to share the information. A well researched blog post will always fare better than one that lacks authoritative content. Get your facts right before you take a stand.

Blog Writing Tip 4: Take a stand

Your blog post needs to reflect your personality. Speak your mind in your blog post, honestly, but with due respect to the reader. Blog posts that reflect the personal views and opinions of the writer are usually most successful. While your personality may not be universally liked and appreciated, it will attract the audience that identifies with it. These are most likely to be your followers, and it is always better to have some followers than none.

Blog Writing Tip 5: Follow the best practices of writing

Write in short sentences; use simple and understandable language; keep paragraphs short and focused on a single thought; do a spelling and grammar check before posting. No one likes to read poorly written content. Respect your readers by taking care of the writing quality.

Blog Writing Tip 6: Make the reader do something

This is easier said than done. Even if it is as simple as making the reader smile, getting a reaction means you have the reader engaged. If humor doesn't work for you, can you provoke thought? Can you initiate a debate? Can you provoke a strong response? Try and get your reader to respond in some action – expressed by way of comments and feedback, if possible.

Blog Writing Tip 7: Spend time on the title of your post

More often than not, the title of your post will determine whether or not it is read. Most people scan headings before deciding to read an article or blog post. A heading that makes the reader want to read will attract more visitors than an unimaginative heading. It is better to write the heading last, after you have got the rest of the blog post in place.

Blog Writing Tip 8: Make it easy to scan

Even when a reader lands on your blog post by looking at the headline, there is a strong tendency to glance through the content before deciding on a detailed read. Including sub-headings and bulleted lists makes it easier for readers to take in the gist of your blog post before deciding on a detailed read.

Blog Writing Tip 9: Provide visual relief

An old cliché but true – a blog post need not always be text. Just a picture or a video – maybe with a caption if it would help you get the message across – can be just as forceful if not more. It would not just add visual relief to the blog, but would also give a variety to your readers.

Blog Writing Tip 10: Acknowledge sources

When you find something on the web that you would like to include in the post, it is always a good idea to give credit to the source. There is nothing wrong in quoting someone in your blog post, but plagiarism is not a good practice. The right balance is to quote selectively and acknowledge the source when you do quote from an external source.

Blog Writing Tip 11: Don't just provide links

While it is important to give credit to the source of information, do not make your blog post a series of links. When was the last time you read – and liked a blog that only listed links to other sites? If you do not like it, your readers won't either.

Blog Writing Tip 12: Keep it short

It is better to write multiple posts around specific topics than to write a hold-all blog post that goes on and on. Try and keep your blog post short and to the point. A rule of thumb figure is to try and keep a blog post to 300 words or lesser.

Blog Writing Tip 13: Keep it alive

The frequency of your posts is important. If you have days when your blog is read the most, time your posts to take advantage of peak time. Be regular in posting and set a rhythm. If readers expect a new post every week, give it to them to make them come back next week. A dead blog might not even exist. A blog that is erratic in the frequency of posts is easy to forget. Be consistent and make sure there is something new happening on your blog.

Blog Writing Tip 14: Interact

When readers comment, do not ignore – that's rude. Interact with your readers, respond to comments, acknowledge feedback and encourage a discussion or dialogue. Try not to argue or put your readers down. Respecting and interacting with them is the surest way of ensuring they come back and promote your blog within their network.

Blog Writing Tip 15: Make them share it

If you have got all the elements of the blog post right, there is a good chance some of your readers will like it enough to share your blog post. Every time your blog post is shared, you improve the chances of getting new readers and followers. However, do not expect every blog post to be shared.

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