SEO Tips for Blogs

SEO tips for blogs and bloggers

Blogs are by nature meant to be topical and informal vehicles of communication. By extension, posts on frequently updated blogs tend to get crawled and indexed by search engines more often than changes made to corporate websites. As a result, a blog has a better chance than a regular website at getting its content indexed by Google quickly.

This can mean better rankings for your blog posts and potentially new visitors to your blog and/or website. Given the SEO benefits of a blog, individuals and businesses are using blogs to maximize the SEO traffic potential.

However, not every blog is successful. This article on blogs and SEO provides you a few tips and pointers on building a successful blog.

SEO Blogging Tip 1: Define Your Blog

At the very outset, define what your blog will be about, what topics you intend to cover in the blog, whether it will be your individual blog, corporate communication blog or a platform for your team to write on relevant subjects. Once the scope of your blog is defined, create your blogs information architecture, categories, sections and archiving mechanism meaningfully.

SEO Blogging Tip 2: Blogging Platform and Design

For large businesses wanting to create a unique and creative blog, it can be beneficial to create a custom blogging platform that matches the need and scope of your blog. However, this may not be practical for most individuals and small businesses. Choosing the right blogging platform can make a big difference to the success of your blog. You can choose one of the most common blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, etc. Decide whether you need a paid blogging CMS or its free version. In most cases, the paid version will have additional features and plug-ins that may make a difference to your blog and its SEO compliance.

Similarly, the design of the blog conveys a lot about the blogger. It also needs to be intuitive and aligned to the categories, sections and scope you set out for your blog. While there are plenty of free blog templates available, they may or may not be ideal for the scope of your blog. Most templates will not be unique and will make your blog look like yet another blog. It is worth investing a little in creating a professional design for your blog that reflects its personality.

SEO Blogging Tip 3: Location of Your Blog

Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger let you create free blogs. However if you consider the long term benefits of a blog, consider hosting your blog on your own domain name instead of a third-party domain. Having your blog on your own domain will enhance credibility and have long term benefits as your blog matures and ages.

SEO Blogging Tip 4: Writing Blog Posts

While a blog is an informal platform that allows you to express freely, it is also important to think of the target audience of each blog post. Who do you foresee reading this blog post? What is that person likely to be searching for when your blog post should appear? What expressed search intent of your target reader does your blog post satisfy? When writing a blog post, write it from the reader's perspective. At the same time, do some keyword research (Google Keywords Tool is a place to start) to identify terms related to your blog post that your target audience searches for. Including these meaningfully and in a reader-friendly way in your content will help your audience find your post.

SEO Blogging Tip 5: How Can You be Different?

Why should someone want to read your blog when there are potentially hundreds, if not thousands of others writing about the same or similar issues? If there is a big story in your industry, chances are everyone is talking about it. Why should someone choose to read your version of the story? Can you give your posts a personal slant? Can you give it a new perspective? Can you highlight an uncommon and unique angle to the story? Not all blog posts and stories will be different, but if you can add an element of novelty to your posts every now and then, it will encourage others to follow your blog.

SEO Blogging Tip 6: Variety and Flavor of Posts

Wherever possible, use visuals that either tell the story by themselves or add value to your blog post. Text is extremely useful, but can be monotonous. Visuals and videos can add variety to your blog. Similarly, look for topics that are of interest but not written about as much. Try and give your blog post a unique flavor every now and then.

SEO Blogging Tip 7: Does Guest Blogging Make Sense?

Every new blog starts with no credibility. Building this credibility can be quite a challenge. Consider guest blogging as a way to give your blog the initial impetus. If there are credible authorities within your network or niche, getting them to post on your blog can be extremely useful. You can either do this as an initial effort or continue to invite guest bloggers perpetually. However, it is important to make sure that guest blogging is just a part and not the entire content of your blog. After all, the blog is about you and not your guests.

SEO Blogging Tip 8: SEO Compliance Factors

Make sure all your blog posts do not have the same Title. Write titles that would address the search intent of your target audience. Most blogging platforms use the main heading of a blog post as the title. In such cases, give thought to writing reader-centric headings that would draw readers to your post and encourage them to read further. Make sure that the URL of the post is meaningful and not a string of meaningless characters. Include meaningful sub-headings that will catch the reader's attention. Keep each blog post focused on one topic as far as possible.

SEO Blogging Tip 9: Encourage Interaction

This can be tricky for a new blog. Having 20 blog posts with no comments can make your blog seem dead and uninteresting. However, not providing the commenting facility can discourage engagement with your audience. If your blog posts are of a high-quality, you will get your readers engaged more often than not. Encourage this participation, commenting and feedback on your blog posts. Moderate the comments to eliminate spam and publish meaningful comments to encourage others to interact.

SEO Blogging Tip 10: Promote the Blog Meaningfully

Include a link to your blog in your email signature, on your Facebook and LinkedIn profile and in other social media where you participate. Let others know where they can find your blog. This is where your initial visitors and links will come from.

SEO Blogging Tip 11: Participate in Your Community

There are bloggers in just about every industry and niche. Many of these bloggers follow other related bloggers and participate in relevant forums. When you participate in the right blogs and forums, it helps you widen your knowledge-base, gain new perspectives and connect with other bloggers in your niche. As your participation increases, so will your followers and links to your blog.

SEO Blogging Tip 12: Tag Your Posts

Tagging each of your posts is the first step. Include tags that are relevant to the post and would help users find your post. Next, tag and bookmark your posts on sites like Technorati,, Reditt, Digg and StumbleUpon. This will encourage the user community on these and other such sites to find your blog posts and will also build incoming links to your blog.

SEO Blogging Tip 13: Link Wisely

Who links to you, and who you link to will help search engine crawlers identify and establish the niche of your blog. Indiscriminate link acquisition no longer fools search engine crawlers. It is always better to get a handful of extremely relevant and high quality links than to get tons of irrelevant links. Linking to other blogs and sites is equally important and helps you get associated in a niche. However, even when linking to other sites, exercise discretion. Not every post needs to have a link to another site. Link to other sites and blogs only when it is meaningful and likely to provide value to your readers.

SEO Blogging Tip 14: Don't Try to Monetize Too Soon

Advertisements on your blog can be a way to monetize the blog. However, for it to be meaningful, your blog first needs the traffic that will help you earn revenues. Blogs with lots of ads can put off readers, especially in the early days when your blog is yet to gain authority status. Avoid advertisements on your blog at least till you have achieved a critical mass of regular readers. Even when you do introduce advertisements, do not overdo it. If it puts off your readers, it will only hurt your blog in the long run.

SEO Blogging Tip 15: Track and Measure Regularly

You should have your blog verified in Google Webmaster Tools and should install an analytics solution for tracking visitors to your blog. Google Analytics is free and more than adequate for most blogs. Just doing it once isn't enough. You should frequently look at the webmaster data to track who is linking to you, what searches your blog comes up on, and what errors search engines identify on your blog. This will help you eliminate errors and address the expressed search intent of your target readers. Through analytics, you can learn a lot about what happens when someone visits your site. How many go beyond the page they landed on, how much time an average visitor spends on your site, how many visitors return to your site and other data that analytics can provide you will help you improve your blog, help it perform better and attract more visitors in future.

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