Article Writing for SEO

Article Writing for SEO

Many companies have come to realize that quality articles boost their SEO in many ways:

No wonder then, that SEO article writing is a rapidly growing industry. Increasing number of companies are adding articles for SEO enhancement of their sites. SEO article writing services are mushrooming around the world. Some SEO article writing services are extremely cheap, while others seem extremely expensive. So how do you decide which services are credible and which will hurt your site's SEO instead of enhancing it?

Quality SEO Article Writing

SEO Article Writing Service at $20 per article

Article writing for SEO is not just about keywords and links. It is about providing your readers content that they will like, refer and return to. It is about quality and not just about words and keywords. If your articles are of a high quality, they will be liked by the readers. Many of these readers may forward the articles, bookmark them, like them and share them through their social networks. In turn, this builds quality and relevant links to your website. Even when syndicated, high quality articles are published by article sites more than just any content. Quality articles are naturally better read and are more likely to send visitors to your website. When people read high quality syndicated articles, the chances of clicking on a link are significantly higher if the article is well written and of a high quality.

Most SEO article writing service providers tend to compromise quality for volume. Many "spin" articles, creating meaningless variations that add to the number of articles are but their quality is greatly diminished.

High quality SEO article writing involves research, understanding, writing skills of a high order and quality presentation of the information. All this takes time and requires expensive talent. Ask yourself whether it seems credible that a service provider will be able to deploy quality writers and researchers at the price they quote. If not, would you not be taking a risk in an effort to save costs?

SEO Article Writing Services

At Praver Digital, we value quality over quantity. We have an in-house team of high quality writers, trained in SEO. This means that the quality of writing is not compromised in the interest of SEO. Whether you want to add articles to your website, or are seeking article writing services for syndication of content, our writers will be able to deliver quality content that will not just enhance your SEO, but also your brand image. While not as cheap as some of the article writing services available online, we believe that clients interested in quality over price will appreciate the value they get from our article writing services.

SEO Article Writing Process

We are able to produce high quality articles consistently because of our tested and established article writing process. The fee we charge for our article writing service is not just for the time a writer spends producing articles, but for following a structured process that is both rigorous and flexible. Broadly, our article writing process is divided into:

Article Writing Step 1: Defining the Objective

A quality brief is the first step in ensuring quality output. A significant part of the brief is defining the purpose and the target.

Article Writing Step 2: Identifying Themes and Keywords

What should you write about? Most clients provide invaluable insights into themes for articles that will be appreciated by their audiences. It is not about what you want to say. It is about what your audience is interested in reading. We work with our clients in creating themes around which articles can be written. Once we have a list of themes, we select the most relevant keywords that each article should be optimized for. This is reviewed and finalized with the clients

Article Writing Step 3: Draft Article

The next step is drafting the article. If the article is for your website, this step also includes optimization of the article through Title and Description tags and Headings (H1 to H6). If the article is being written for syndication, then this step includes insertion of meaningful links to ensure the right keyword is linked to the appropriate destination page in your website. This step also includes creation of the author bio that will accompany the article on the article sites.

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