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What works as good copy in print need not always work as good website copy. Even if you have a good website with quality content, it may not be rich enough in terms that your target audience searches for. As a result, the content from your website may not be ranking as well in search engine results as it can. Praver Digital offers website copy editing services to ensure that your content is search engine friendly and has the optimal balance of keyword density and reader-centric messaging.

Website content editing services

Praver Digital has a dedicated team of website copy editors knowledgeable in SEO. This combined knowledge means that our team knows how to make website copy work for you. Our team has the capability to edit your website copy to improve its keyword density, without compromising the messaging. The result is that your content starts ranking better in search results, attracts more visitors and can impact your business online.

Most search engines are filtering out low quality content and ranking high quality content higher in search results. Our website content writing service caters to the need for quality website content that also ranks well in search results.

Website content editing process

Copy editing for SEO is not much different from the best practices of writing copy. Making your website copy customer-centric is all about ensuring it contains what your potential visitor is searching for. Keywords give us an insight into what your target audience is looking for. In turn, we edit your existing content to ensure an optimal mix of marketing communication and keyword density. Broadly, our copy editing process is divided into:

Copy Editing Step 1: Keyword selection

The first step is to know what your audience is looking for. Through keyword research, we identify relevant keywords that are suitable for each page in the site. Careful selection of keywords is the most important aspect of editing your copy for better SEO performance. We target carefully chosen keywords at the pages in your site and work with you in finalizing which keyword is best targeted at which page

Copy Editing Step 2: Draft Edited Content

As the next step, our copy editors recommend modifications and additions to your exiting website content. These changes are recommended to achieve the optimal keyword density, without compromising the messaging of the page.

Copy Editing Step 3: Review and Iterations

We work with you in the review of the draft of the edited content, incorporate your feedback and inputs white iterating the content to create a balance between desired messaging and keyword density. Once finalized the edited content is ready to be uploaded on your website. While drafting the final content, our writers also make recommendations about the Title and Description tags and Heading tags (H1 to H6) that should be used on the pages.

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