Web Content Writing Services

Quality web content is not just about writing evocative website copy. It is about communicating effectively, precisely and in brief. Good web content contains terms that the target audience searches for. The most effective web content is both rich in keywords and reader-centric.

Website content services

Web Content Writing Services

Praver Digital has a dedicated team of content writers who are also experienced in generating content for SEO. This experience of creating search engine friendly content for websites and our resident expertise in SEO allows us to create search engine friendly content that ranks for key terms and generates traffic to the site.

Most search engines are filtering out low quality content and ranking high quality content higher in search results. Our website content writing service caters to the need for quality website content that also ranks well in search results.

Website content writing process

After receiving a brief from you, we work with you in creating a content outline for each of the pages in the site that content needs to be written for. Creating the content outline provides the necessary inputs to both our SEO team members and to the writers to identify terms that the target audience is looking for.

Website Content Step 1: Keyword selection

Before actually writing content for any of your pages, our team does keyword research to identify terms that should be part of the content. Keywords are a window to what the target audience is searching for. The best website content is that which offers the target audience what it's searching for. As such, selecting keywords that should be targeted at each of the pages to be written is the first step in the website content writing process.

Website Content Step 2: Draft Content

With the brief, content outline and the targeted keywords, our writers create the first draft of the content for each page in the site. While writing the first draft, our writers also check on the keyword density of the pages that rank for the targeted keywords and ensure that the content written has optimal frequency of the targeted keywords.

Website Content Step 3: Review and Iterations

We work with you in the review of the draft content, incorporate your feedback and inputs white iterating the content to create a balance between desired messaging and keyword density. Once finalized the content is ready to be uploaded on your website. While drafting the final content, our writers also make recommendations about the Title and Description tags and Heading tags (H1 to H6) that should be used on the pages.

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